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Mary, I used to be a nurse, retired now, you have to decide if you want your cna (certified nursing assistant), to be an actual nurse, like an rn, or lpn, and go from there. I'd enroll at a local school for your nursing courses. Hope that helps
– marycwilkinson
Government Job
Government Jobs are a good place of employment. Once you retire, they really take care of you.
– JohnW
retirement plan
I need to start my retirement plan, 401k seems slow, and the economy and market are bad, so I don't know that I will.
– susanc
401k's are a good retirement plan and financial choice because they are long term, so market fluctuations aren't a big deal.
– amy76
Labor Laws
Labor Laws are not in favor of restaurant workers, I'm tired of being stepped on.
– minwage
Cosmetic Surgery
not sure if cosmetic surgery is safe or not, but I want it, tired of this nose.
– sandra
Home schoolers can't spell?
I just read two of the homeschool comments. I saw at least two misspellings in each one. Is that because you went to public schools? Or because you are a homeschooled person? As a retired English teacher, I would NEVER have attempted to home school my daughters, and between my husband and myself we had the liberal arts and the sciences covered since he has a PhD in physics. Let the professionals do it. Remember: you usually get what you pay for.
– jena
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