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renting apartments
I used to find my apartment online. is good too, they send you listings, have reviews and usually don't have any trashy apartments listed
– jj27586
Be Careful!
If you get an apartment, make SURE you have an attorney read the lease. I got caught in a bad lease agreement for my apartment rental, where they basically won't give me my deposit back, even though the apt is spotless!
– laura101
Rent Or Buy A Home
I dont know if i wanna buy my home or rent it..with the market and all, ya never know.
– jimmy
party rentals and supplies
I am in need of a good party rental company. I am throwing a birthday party for my 2nd son. I need some tents and some inflatable rentals, like jumpers, moon bouncers, and then, I need some tables. I'm in the Chicago area.
– partyplanner
Car Rental Company
The best car rental company is Thrifty, they have the best deals, and are quick
– seth
Sorry if I was a little harsh in my last note, I just wanted parents to know that it's there decision weather or not they do homeschooling, and I know I spelled (that) wrong but remember it's your choice.
– Unknown
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