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Auto Insurance Quotes
Here's some advice from Bill, and insurance agent. Make sure you shop around and get the best quote you can get for yourself. Also, use a real insurance company, like State Farm, or All State, and not one of these other online programs.
– billtheinsuranceguy
Bill, I disagree
Bill, I got my insurance through GEICO...and actually, i did save, even though the commercials are silly, heheh
– ll0w3r
I hate insurance companies
I hate insurance companies...making money off others troubles. they'll insure you, unless bad things happen to you.
– dont know me
found a good shop
I found a good auto shop for my repairs, tiers, and what not, thanks.
– larryweb
I bought a used BMW from AXIOM AUTO group and I gotta tell you guys if you're looking for the best used cars Sunnyvale has to offer then go check them out.
– Jason Rollins
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