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Be Careful!
If you get an apartment, make SURE you have an attorney read the lease. I got caught in a bad lease agreement for my apartment rental, where they basically won't give me my deposit back, even though the apt is spotless!
– laura101
VOLT is a great employment agency in the Seattle area. I've done a lot of jobs for them
– mee mee
good doctor in manhattan
I just moved to manhattan, does anyone know of a good doctor?
– newyorknewbie
Tax time
got a tax attorney, I need one
– harrywilson
Banks seem risky
I feel like putting my money in my mattress would be better than putting it in a big bank or local bank these days.
– M355J1
good attorney
Contact Wright Noel, he's located in Issaquah. He's affordable and knowledgeable.
– Ted
Laugh Attack
One time at the Mainstage Music and Comedy Club I laughed so hard Amstel Bright came out of my nose! Then I got kicked out.
– Parman
Banks are not be trusted nowadays
I think putting money on your mattrass is making matters worse, though keeping it in banks is not safe either.Despite charges,you are not safe. The best is doing business with it if you can.God is the only one to deliver us from the course - too true to be true.
– baby
Home schoolers can't spell?
I just read two of the homeschool comments. I saw at least two misspellings in each one. Is that because you went to public schools? Or because you are a homeschooled person? As a retired English teacher, I would NEVER have attempted to home school my daughters, and between my husband and myself we had the liberal arts and the sciences covered since he has a PhD in physics. Let the professionals do it. Remember: you usually get what you pay for.
– jena
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– mallik
Car Accident
I have seen a few options for car accident attorneys in Virginia. Even though I'd rather not get involved, sometimes they are completely necessary.
– PJ Boothe
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