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AST Travel & Tours
Phone: (510) 342-0300
Veronica P.
After attempting the coming of age trend of booking a trip through a travel website and never had gone to Mexico, my boyfriend and I couldn't seem to find a...
Denise H.
We are on a budget and going on vacation is something I want to give our kids, but I thought it would be not in our budget. Denise found us a great deal!...
Delicious D.
Denise is amazing at her craft of getting people where they want to go. She was able to work within the travel budget and include all of the wish list...
Planet Hoppers
Phone: (415) 787-2835
Elly R.
***This review is for availability only and not for the actual services.*** I drove all the way out to the business location on Monday at 2 pm (standard...
Diana J.
This was my first time working with a travel agent and it was definitely a positive experience. Amy was not only friendly and helpful, but she was prompt in...
Norm J.
Amy at Planet Hoppers did a fantastic job and we had a great time visiting NewZealand and Australia. Everything worked like clockwork. We only had one...
Tour & Travel
Phone: (650) 216-8687
Taleia M.
Mine is amazing, absolutely thorough! My boyfriend and I had an amazing time at the Hotel Chateau Chamonix. Amazing suite with private balcony complete with...
Jen G.
My (now) husband and I were trying to plan our honeymoon and wanted some expert advice. Luckily we found Mine at Tour & Travel! Mine met with us and...
maya d.
This travel agency is awesome. I was desperately looking for a travel agency to help me with all the travel I have to schedule for my rapidly expanding...
Pams Path to Travel
Phone: (650) 363-6156
Jan M.
I called Pam a week ago, and emailed her my questions about travel within Europe. She requested our legal names on our passports which I provided quickly....
K. L.
I just finished planning my first-ever cruise to Alaska with my two kids, and it has been an absolute pleasure working with Pam. During my initial research,...
Jessica H.
Pam helped my husband and I plan our honeymoon and was an absolute delight to work with. When we first chatted with her we gave her an overview of what type...
Oyster Travel
Phone: (650) 353-5408
Sofia M.
Melanie Hibbs sent my husband and I on the honeymoon of our dreams. She truly listened to what we were looking and found the perfect cruise for us. Having...
Kourtney F.
Melanie planned and followed through on my honeymoon trip last June. She did a wonderful job finding great places for us to stay and things to do in Costa...
Angela L.
As an avid backpacker, I live to travel. I work to travel, but I've been busy. Way to busy to plan a vacation. As a DIY, I usually shop for the best rates....
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United Travel Service
Phone: (650) 321-1801
Paul D.
First time using a travel agent in MANY years. David was very friendly, and somewhat knowledgeable about our destination (Greece and Istanbul). Excellent...
Rebecca N.
David at United Travel is absolutely fantastic. I was planning a two week long trip to Europe and was completely overwhelmed at how to go about making a...
Dave N.
Still FIVE STARS. SIX STARS if I could rate that high. Once again, the benefits of using a good travel agent were made clear to me. During the Icelandic...
STA Travel
Phone: (650) 322-4790
Amber K.
I have had nothing but wonderful experiences with STA Travel. Over the past decade, I have used them many times to book complex itineraries to Africa,...
Michelle K.
Came in here a few days before Thanksgiving looking for a winter break trip and Tamara was a huge help. I was limited by the times I could travel, but we...
Greg B.
I have used STA Travel in Cambridge, MA the past and had a much better experience, but after my recent debacle, I am sadly forced to give STA Travel in Palo...
Travel Wizards
Phone: (650) 696-6900
Sherry W.
I don't travel as much as I used to and what with the interwebs and all one can book a flight or two that way. However, studies have shown that in most...
Jane T.
LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Magda at Travel Wizards. Sh's been my go to travel agent/advisor since I got married 13 years ago. She is very knowledgable, thorough and...
Jaime L.
Sometimes, I use Orbitz. Sometimes I use Travelocity, or Priceline. Those times it's usually a trip I don't really care if I end up having to back out of at...
Irene's Travel
Phone: (408) 905-8747
Hendrick L.
Let me start off by saying it was an absolute pleasure working with Irene. My family recently booked a trip through her, a tropical vacation in Mexico. Her...
Nikki G.
I planned a destination wedding for myself and now husband in Cabo San Lucas. Irene helped give me a few hotels to check out when I did my initial site...
Oxana C.
Just returned from my family vacation on Hawaii booked and prepared by Irene - fabulous! The condominium she chose for us was great - the apartment was...
At Leisure Travel
Phone: (650) 854-1548
Danielle D.
When I didn't get my flights for a trip to Mexico on time and needed them in 1 day, Kathy got them in 2 hours for me. We had special needs, I was coming...
Chad J.
Working with Kathy has been a breeze. We spent about an hour going over my travel requirements and she was very knowledgeable. She planned a 2 week trip for...
Jp B.
Easy to work with and will make suitable changes on a dime. She is very knowledgeable and can create exactly the get away that you want. Personable,...
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