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Synergy Wellness Center
Phone: (425) 828-4000
Victoria C.
I have been a patient here for over a year and absolutely love this clinic and would recommend it to anyone looking for treatment. I have seen Tiffany,...
Jessica L.
I started getting acupuncture here about two months ago and I LOVE this place. It truly is amazing. I do group acupuncture with Susana once a week and she...
Asialee H.
This placce is amazing! I go to Jason, and I cannot say enough great things about him. He really takes the time and doesn't rush me in and out. I had...
Edmonds Wellness Clinic
Phone: (425) 672-2113
Gina P.
I saw Dr Koch couple of years ago with no previous XRAY. Although I was impressed with his massage & chiropractic adjustment skill set, I wasn't completely...
Crystal D.
I have to say that I am amazed at how I am pain-free today. I've been living with multiple back injuries over the course of 20 years and didn't think that...
Jenny S.
I'm amazed there are not more reviews for such an AWESOME place! If I could give this place 10 stars, I totally would. I've decided that Western medicine...
Healing Tortoise
Phone: (206) 926-9494
Lucas M.
This place is my favorite in Seattle area . I have been so many Acupuncture around Seattle but the best one in Seattle I think is this place . One day I...
Heather H.
A fabulous Gilt offer hooked me up into this wonderful space hidden in Greenlake. Making my appointments online was such a time saving breeze. What I love...
Ali A.
Healing Tortoise is a good place to start if you're looking to try acupuncture. I had my first appointment with Moses in the summer of '12 to help treat...
Blue Pearl Acupuncture Clinic
Phone: (206) 217-8888
Angus N.
I am a huge fan of Kerri and her service. I am very fit from a cardio point of view, so when i injured my neck and back i entered a very dark, tough time in...
James C.
I see Kerry 1X per week (for about a year or so). She does great work, is a very nice person and is cool about helping out with insurance stuff. Highly...
Andi L.
Becoming a patient at Blue Pearl Acupuncture and working with Keri Shaw has completely changed my life. I cannot praise Keri's work enough, and I...
Kue Hing Chinese Herbs & Specialists
Phone: (206) 621-9404
Srta L.
So I stopped here by an accident looking for Chinese medicine. Ive been having lots of medical problems in the last year and Dr Chiu was great. He did...
Jamie E.
Dr. Chiu is great! Chinese herbal medicine is pretty amazing stuff. I had this cough that lasted for several weeks (after getting a cold) and it just...
Emily A.
So far, so good! I went in to the shop this past weekend, it was a cold and rainy PNW day out so I was grateful Dr. Chiu could meet with me right away. I...
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Seattle Acupuncture and Coaching
Phone: (301) 775-6326
Kristine B.
I don't have a lot of experience in acupuncture or cupping, but my experience with Ben was great! I was very nervous because of my fear of needles and my...
Kristen H.
I'm so happy I've found Ben! I do bodywork and the impacts of my work often manifest in my shoulders and back. Since I've been seeing Ben my back and...
Kelly P.
If I could add a star, I totally would. Ben is the first acupuncturist that I have met that genuinely cares. When we are in session, he actually stays in...
North Seattle Natural Medicine
Phone: (206) 629-5180
Diana J.
I will not be going back. When policy trumps kindness & consideration for the client, I am done. I have had difficulty with the unfriendly receptionist on...
Amy S.
I have been using traditional medicine docs since I was a child, but recently have become quite disenchanted with my regular doc because I started to feel...
Kristine H.
I grew tired of the revolving door that I experienced with other physicians in the Seattle area. My time is as important as any physicians. I show up on...
Daniel Zizza, LAc
Phone: (206) 329-5466
Alice G.
Daniel is an amazing healer who I've been grateful to have in my life for over 15 years. I have seen him many times for issues where I had tried western...
Michael J.
Daniel is the best. I especially recommend him for people who are wondering what acupuncture is all about. I see him when I feel like my nervous system...
Jane M.
I've been seeing Daniel for acupuncture for 10 years. He is an amazing Japanese Acupuncturist who is very knowledgeable about and supports options in both...
Seattle Acupuncture Wellness Center
Phone: (206) 522-1509
Slim C.
Complete and utter joke. I only went here because it was free and someone recommended it. First of all, the first thing she does is take your wrist and...
Lindsay P.
Just an update: I've still been seeing Hyejung once a month to do my "maintenance" appointment and things are still going great. She is always on the ball,...
Christine Z.
This review is long overdue - I originally went in to see Hyejung because of allergies! I was seriously miserable during this allergy season, which...
Dr. Dick Shepard, DC
Phone: (206) 525-4155
Kevin C.
A different kind of chiropractic - far deeper work, absolutely holistic, results beyond any other chiro or physical therapist I've seen! I was skeptical at...
Nadine W.
I know it is sometimes hard to believe all these 5 star reviews, but this place is that exceptional. Dr. Shepard is extremely skilled, wildly compassionate...
Em S.
Way beyond chiropractic. Smooth, effortless healing. Gone are the days of bone-jarring manipulation. Welcome gentle touch that triggers the system to...
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Nursing Degrees
No easy way to become a nurse but if you can stick it out for two more years after basic nursing school, a nurse practitioner with a Master's degree, say in pediatrics, starts at about $110,000 per year plus benefits. Plus you can order tests, perform office surgery, prescribe drugs and even go into private practice for yourself practicing primary care medicine. Definitely something to think about if nursing has crossed your mind. Why take orders from MDs, NPs, or PAs when you can give them instead, and for a six-figure salary?
– CW Moody, PhD, CPNP
Forever Living..Aloe Vera
You’ve reached for aloe when you’ve spent too much time in the sun. You’ve seen it listed as a ingredient in many of your personal care products. It’s always been there. Simple. Ordinary. Trusted. There’s a reason aloe vera gel is trusted in products you see every day. And that reason dates back thousands of years. The earliest civilizations revered this extraordinary botanical for its astonishing properties. Its legendary uses have been passed down through time, enhanced by scientific innovation and centuries of experience. Let aloe surprise you as it: * Cleanses and supports your digestive system * Infuses you with energy * Hydrates your skin * Soothes and promotes skin renewal * Supports your immune system * And so much more Forever Living Products offers you a complete line of nurturing products based on 100% pure aloe vera gel. Harvested by hand from our own plantations and immediately stabilized for purity, our aloe enhances your body—inside and out—with products ranging from age-defying facial treatments to delicious, antioxidant rich drinks.
– Jany G.
Bank Instruments for lease
Dear Sir, I can deliver leased instruments to Organisations or individuals with their preferred text verbiage as been approved by their bankers. We also offer sales option to interested buyers. Our terms and procedures are so flexible and workable by RWA clients. Our lease rate is (5)% x%. X% IS Lessee broker's Commission and he determines his commission. Also we have facilities to discount BG and Put you into PPP Trading. Contact me through this email..(,, or through skype: (sefahmi8) in other to furnish you with other information.
– fahmi
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